Nextgen OBDeleven Scan Tool

$95.00 CAD


We officially present advanced solution for interacting with your vehicle - new OBDeleven device with more capabilities and cloud-based automotive diagnostics software for iOS and Android operating systems


Please note iOS is in BETA

Next generation OBDeleven device allows to understand and customize your vehicle with easy to use application via smartphone or tablet. It fully supports Android software and provides Beta version of iOS, which will only work on new device. With PRO functions under development the first release of iOS software will include these features:


More advanced hardware meets high quality standards ensuring better functionality.

Processing power

Up to 18 times faster processor chip

Low energy Bluetooth

Enables communication with iOS operating system

Produced in EU

High quality standard by European manufacturer's

Custom made hardware

Specially designed to meet every customer needs

Individual design

Possibility to choose desired led light color

Multi brand capable

Will support more car brands when software is ready

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