$568.10 CAD

HAZET 9012SPC, Impact Wrench
Working pressure: 6.3 bar
Cold-insulated handle
Incl. coupler plug, nominal size 7.2
Exhaust air is guided through the handle downwards
Reduced vibrations
Multiple power settings in forward and reverse
Easy handling
Powerful pin clutch mechanism
Max. loosening torque: 850 Nm
Recommended torque: 550 Nm
Screw size: M 16
Air consumption: 127,4 l/min
Air inlet thread: 12.91 mm (1/4?)
Sound pressure level: Lp A 92.1 dB (A)
sound power level: Lp W 103.1 dB(A)
Enhanced power characteristics due to new, specially developed air motor as well as efficient air guide and improved pull-up torque of the air motor
Specially heat-treated inner parts for minimised wear
Ergonomically shaped handles and housing for improved handling and operation
Additional information:
Downforce: square 12.5 mm (1/2")
Weight: 2,994 kg
Torque max: 750 Nm
Recommended torque: 550 Nm
Loosening torque max.: 850
Working pressure: 6,3 bar
Sound pressure level max.: 92,1 dB(A) Lp A
Sound power level: 103,1 db(A) Lp W
Air consumption: 127,4 l/min
Hose diameter recommended: 10 mm
Vibration acceleration: 7,42 m/s2
Revolutions per minute: 7000 rpm
Revolutions per minute max.: 7000 rpm
Screw size M: M 16

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