Typhoon VR6 Supercharger Kit

$11,048.70 CAD

What began as a simple request to incorporate our CVP Short Runner Intake Manifold with an existing supercharger kit, soon evolved into the development of our own complete package…


DURABILITY: Maximize belt wrap on the blower and lower the belt tension requirements to meet the V9 durability threshold.

ENGINEERING: To optimize the efficiencies of the Robust Vortech V9 blower through a simplified Boost track.

VALUE: Outfit the VR6 with complementary hardware specifically engineered to optimize the introduction of forced air and allow future expandability.

The Typhoon ixH kit is available exclusively for the Mk4 R32 and Includes:

  • Vortech V9 H-Trim Centrifugal Supercharger
  • CNC Machined Fixed Mounting Bracket
  • CNC Machined Jack Bolt Adjuster with Tensioner
  • Liquid Cooled Intake Manifold
  • Cold Air Intake with K&N Filter
  • High Flow Fuel Injectors
  • Upgraded Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • Remote Mount Crankcase Breather
  • HPA Software

The Typhoon IxH supercharger system makes 399 HP and 318 ft/lbs of torque at 10 psi!
Typhoon DynoTyphoon Dyno

The resulting setup thrusts with the ferocity a tropical storm giving turbo-like horsepower in the upper RPM range. This package offers a cost effective mid level entry to the forced induction scene, leaving plenty of room to grow. As the Mk4 platform is getting older and consumables like water pumps and gaskets need to be replaced, the Typhoon ixH leaves room in the budget to augment the total package and outfit your project car with suspension, brakes, and chassis control upgrades.

HPA Typhoon

Though a Supercharger won’t produce as much torque as a turbocharger, it also does not create the extreme heat, therefore keeping your head temps low and requiring less fuelling. This package works well within many of the factory engine parameters making no challenge on your hardware’s durability thresholds.

The Typhoon IxH supercharger system makes 399 HP and 318 ft.lbs of torque at 10 psi The design of our blower bracket with a special jack screw tensioner ensures that belt tension can accurately be set to ensure the optimal spool up without putting excess strain on the factory pulleys. Our belt routing has allowed for a full 180 degrees of belt wrap over the Superchargers pulley maximizing the grip without the need for excessive system tension. The larger air inlet opening of the V9 H-Trim supercharger gives improved efficiency, and the optimized boost tract provided by our Air to Water system means less pressure drop across the system.

Sharing many of the same components as our 20th turbo package, the future tuning path is easy and allows you to retain much of your investment should your desire for more torque lead you to pursue such an upgrade.

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