LIQUI MOLY 2002 300mL Super Diesel Additive

$16.73 CAD $19.45 CAD

A combination of additives to clean and maintain the diesel fuel system. Prevents corrosion, increases lubrication thus reduces fuel pump and injector wear. Increases Cetane value for improved engine performance, easier starting and lower emissions. Regular use keeps the fuel system in perfect working order.


Add Super Diesel Additive to fuel every 2.000 km (1,200 miles). For best performance use full can with 25-75 liters (7-20 gal.) of fuel. Suitable for Diesel engines in passenger cars and commercial vehicles.
Fuel Additive

Associated Comments

For best resultsand long-term effect add Super Diesel Additive every 2.000 km(1.200 miles).One 300 ml can of Super Diesel Additive is sufficient for 75 liters(20 gal.)of Diesel. Minimum fuel filling of 25 liters (7 gal.) is requested for optimum product performance.

Prop 65 Warning : Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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